About Us

About Sheytex Logistics

Sheytex Logistics is a third party logistics provider specializing in client-specific solutions. Our collaborative effort of people, location and technology allow our clients to earn distinctions in their target markets and gain customers.

Seyi Saint started the business in the early 1990s. Since then, we have been working 24/7 to ensure the breakthrough of the venture. Right from the start, it has always been about building a better team around the founding tradition of high quality service.



At Sheytex, we give world class services.

  • We are highly experienced in handling matters related to education/research.
  • We carry out real estate/property management.
  • Help you to get decent location and manpower for your events.
  • We provide a link for residence managers popularly known as house-helps, security guards etc.
  • Public and contract warehousing solutions.
  • We provide a link between sellers and buyers.
  • We render assistance in the case of embassies appointment, flight reservations/booking. 


  Our major goal is to build a sound relationship with our clients that would produce results. To bring to our clients doorsteps, services of different kinds to aid customer satisfaction. Our dedication to teamwork, technological advancement, and customer satisfaction have made the success of our clients the footing of our existence.


To meet our customers’ demands for a personal and professional service by offering innovative client – specific solutions as well as delivery and specialist services.